Vacuum-steamed potatoes

Flavourful and versatile!

Aliments Baril’s bagged potatoes are specially designed for vacuum cooking. Our steamed potatoes are cooked to perfection so they retain their shape and texture, along with all of their taste and nutritional value. Plus they contain no preservatives or sulphites. And They are so easy to prepare: simply heat and serve! They come in various formats and sizes, including salad cubes, breakfast potatoes and small potatoes, as well as parisiennes, French fries and slices. So much variety means you have the perfect choice for any menu!

Aliments Baril’s reheatable potatoes are quick and easy to prepare. They are also delicious! They are an ideal and economical solution for all types of kitchens, including hotels, restaurants and institutions. Calling all chefs: when you use Aliments Baril’s potatoes, you have all freedom you need to create a wide array of dishes!